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MywildCanada is about to get a little more Wild!

We are paddling from Rocky Mountain House Alberta to Lachine Quebec this year.

We are paddling from Rocky Mountain House Alberta to Lachine Quebec this year.

As you may have already heard – we are the Canadian Voyageurs and we are about to go on an epic journey! We are crossing Canada by canoe this summer AND we are taking the #mywildCanada chat on the road…uh the river….with us.  This is something that has never been done before.

From now on we will have to reduce the number of chats we hold.  We will put the Sunday chats on hold until we come back in the fall (most of you will be outdoors on weekends anyways) – and once we hit the water, we will be holding random #mywildCanada chats throughout the summer.  We will try and keep our Wednesday 2 pm (eastern time) chat going as long as we can and whenever possible will use that time frame while on our trip.  We should be able to host the Wednesday chats until we leave in late April or start of May – wilderness excursions always depend on conditions – we are going with the flow….

The trip itself is set to begin in May – so until then you should be able to find us Twitter at our usual Wednesday time slot.  We have some big chats coming in April – the Nature Conservancy of Canada is coming back to guest host again – the penciled in date (yet to be confirmed) is for April 12th – mark this on your calendar (in pencil for now!) because you don’t want to miss this one.

We welcome anyone who wants to guest host a #mywildCanada during the spring or summer (at the usual time – Wednesdays 2pm EST) to come on board to do so.  Hosting is a great way to meet like minded people and gain new followers – it’s also the most fun you can have on Twitter!  Ask anyone who has hosted before.  Anyone – from anywhere – is welcome to host.  We have the most wonderful people join in – we share – we learn – we laugh.

If hosting interests you – please contact us by email: celinegerry at or send us a private message on Twitter – @CanadianVoyage is our handle.

Make sure you all follow us on Facebook: Canadian Voyageurs 2015 – there you will be able to be a fly on the wall – you can follow our every stroke as we paddle across this great country of ours.  Click on the “Follow us on Mapshare” tab at the top of the page.

For more information about the trip please visit our website – we are proud to support the Nature Conservancy of Canada – we are helping them in their fund raising efforts by bring attention to their very worthwhile cause!

Enjoying Winter Activities in #mywildCanada


Winter is a magical time in #mywildCanada


Winter camping is a pretty extreme winter activity.  It’s not for the inexperienced; but with the right gear and the right knowledge – winter camping is a blast!


With winter camping – comes winter campfires!


Have you ever prepared a meal outside in the snow?  Have you ever cooked over a campfire?


Hmmmm…. there is nothing like it.  The fresh air – and the food gets a smokey flavor after it’s cooked over the campfire.  It’s a wonderful experience.


Snowshoeing is another fun thing to do in the winter.


These lightweight aluminum “no name” snowshoes that we purchased for $60 (with a case) have served us well since 2007.


We love breaking new trails, going where no one has gone before…


The snow is over three feet deep in the forest.  Without the snowshoes it would not be possible to be here.


Photography and shooting videos is another one of our favorite things to do in the winter.


Winter is a peaceful time of year. The forests are quiet. It’s a time for reflection.

 Winter gives a new perspective – when the snow blankets the landscape.


What are you waiting for?  Get dressed and get outside!

Winter Camping in 30 Below Weather in #mywildCanada


Winter camping in #mywildCanada is really fun.  We have a Monadnock –  a 4 person, 4 season tent – it provides a great shelter from the wind, on this trip we tested a kerosene heater because the the weather dipped below 30 Celcius.


Having a winter tent really makes a difference in the frigid winter weather. We were very comfortable, we were not cold – we were glad we came out and enjoyed nature.  It was a great experience going out and braving the elements. We love spending time outside.


We had our down filled coats and our minus 50 winter boots; we had our air mattresses and our minus 15 flannel lined canvas sleeping bags. The kerosene was safe to use indoors, it was designed for that.  We could easily control the temperature inside the tent by zipping and unzipping vents.  The heater had a running time of 14 hours and a safety shut off feature.


We used the deep snow to our advantage, digging ourselves out a winter fire pit.  We were nice and warm by the hot fire.  We had to go down 36 inches before hitting solid frozen ground.


We slept very well in the tent in our sleeping bags.  It was great to get outside, it was so much fun we want to get out and do it again – and again.


We slept better out here than at home and we awoke refreshed in a nice warm tent.  It was one of the best nights in a long time.

Winter in Canada is so beautiful.


To us, the snow is inviting.  #mywildCanada is a land waiting to be explored.  In the quiet winter forest signs of life are everywhere.  We see tracks everywhere:  Squirrels, rabbits, mice, foxes, moose and lynx. These are fox tracks:


I wonder what we’ll see next time? I can’t wait to get out there and see.