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How Canadians Enjoy Winter in #mywildCanada

On Sunday February 8th, #mywildCanada Twitter chatters gathered to talk about this week’s topic: winter activities. It was amazing to see how many people embrace winter.  Canadians love getting outdoors and playing outside in the snow in #mywildCanada.

Photo by @OffTrackTravel

Photo by @OffTrackTravel

After last night, one thing is evident – none of the #mywildCanada participants suffer from cabin fever! People who complain about the cold obviously don’t know what they are missing.  Just look at the fantastic time these people are having outside.

Photo by @VoyaguerQuest

Photo by @VoyaguerQuest

If you have never gone tobogganing in Canada before – you have no idea the fun you are missing.  It’s almost a Canadian right of passage!  I remember my first toboggan – a green garbage bag – let me tell you – those things fly!

Photo by @levacas

Photo by @levacas

Most of Canada gets blanketed by snow, lots of snow! Walking in the deep snow is not possible – even though we all know this – we always get our boots full of snow trying!

When we want to get out and about in the snow, we put on a pair of snowshoes or a pair of skis.

It’s so peaceful on the trails in the winter. The clean crisp fresh air fills your lungs as you take in Canada’s awesome beauty.

Photo by @kristapetrie

Photo by @kristapetrie

Whether you are out by yourself, with your friend, your spouse, your friends or your family – #mywildCanada can be enjoyed by all in the winter.  Just look at how much fun this looks, look how gorgeous it is to be outside in the woods in the winter:

Photo by @Some_Eventful

Photo by @Some_Eventful

It’s especially fun to be outside when it’s snowing. Watching the snowflakes slowly falling as you are skiing in the woods is breathtaking:  Have you ever caught a snowflake on your tongue?

@LesyaBudna skiing

Photo by @LesyaBudna

Many #mywildCanada contributors are quite the adventurers – would you try this?

Photo by @ginabegin

Photo by @ginabegin

No? Not for you?  How about this?  Would you like to try riding your bike in the snow?

Photo by @ginabegin

Photo by @ginabegin

What? That is still not going to get you outside? Wait, I know what will! Ice climbing!

Photo by @kristapetrie

Photo by @kristapetrie

#mywildcanada is full of adventurers.  One of the best things about Twitter chats is meeting so many great like minded people.

Photo by @OffTrackTravel

Photo by @OffTrackTravel

Of course, those of us who have dogs – always bring them along on our adventures in #mywildCanada:

@saugep_sarah dog

Photo by @saugep_sarah

@TinaMcAuley2 dog with stick

Photo by @TinaMcAuley2

@levacas fingal

Photo by @levacas

@VoyageurQuest doggy

Photo by @VoyageurQuest

We like to bring our wild friends with us when we play outside.  Because we all know that no one like to play outside more than our best companions!

Photo by @VTPaddlePups

Photo by @VTPaddlePups

Many of the people who come to chat on #mywildCanada are bloggers and photographers.  So, if you like to see amazing photos and learn amazing things – then join us for #mywildCanada chats where amazing is everywhere:

Photo by @ginabegin

Photo by @ginabegin

Come on outside in the snow! – you’ll love love it!

Photo by @muskokalaura

Photo by @muskokalaura

#mywildCanada is a chat on Twitter – join us every Wednesdays at 2pm (yes, we’re back) and every Sundays at 7pm – EST.

Enjoying Winter Activities in #mywildCanada


Winter is a magical time in #mywildCanada


Winter camping is a pretty extreme winter activity.  It’s not for the inexperienced; but with the right gear and the right knowledge – winter camping is a blast!


With winter camping – comes winter campfires!


Have you ever prepared a meal outside in the snow?  Have you ever cooked over a campfire?


Hmmmm…. there is nothing like it.  The fresh air – and the food gets a smokey flavor after it’s cooked over the campfire.  It’s a wonderful experience.


Snowshoeing is another fun thing to do in the winter.


These lightweight aluminum “no name” snowshoes that we purchased for $60 (with a case) have served us well since 2007.


We love breaking new trails, going where no one has gone before…


The snow is over three feet deep in the forest.  Without the snowshoes it would not be possible to be here.


Photography and shooting videos is another one of our favorite things to do in the winter.


Winter is a peaceful time of year. The forests are quiet. It’s a time for reflection.

 Winter gives a new perspective – when the snow blankets the landscape.


What are you waiting for?  Get dressed and get outside!

Promote your Business on the Canadian Voyageurs’ Canoe

CV logo

Have you heard the news?

We, the Canadian Voyageurs are going on an EPIC journey!


In modern style with high tech gear we are following in the footsteps of the original Canadian Voyageurs – retracing their fur trade routes.

We are promoting Canada’s amazing wilderness and we have a message to deliver:

Get Outside and Reconnect with Nature – Life is Adventure!

We want to revive the canoe – bring it back to the “main stream”…


Photo taken in September 2014 – the first #mywildCanada Twitter camp out in Algonquin Park!

IMG_2492 (800x600)

We are the creators of the #mywildCanada Twitter chat and we are doing something that has never been done before: We are talking the weekly chat on the road with us.  The #mywildCanada chat keeps growing, our guest hosts include some of the biggest names in the outdoors industry.  Our reach varies from 150,000 to a half million – on a weekly basis.

MWC logo

We are making a photo journal of our journey.  With the film footage we take, we are creating a documentary of our experience.


This week, we are picking up our graphics with our logos for the canoe and we have room for yours!

We are offering advertisement space on our canoe.  We can promote your business as we cross this vast country of ours – a 4 to 5 month journey…. We can also promote or test products and/or provide gear reviews. Videos and photos will be uploaded to social media.

Already Inreach Canada is on board (we are ambassadors for the Explorer – GPS communications with two way texting and the ability to post to social media.)  Followers can stay engaged with us on our epic journey!

We have nationwide radio coverage:

Our My Wild Canada Youtube channel keeps growing at a steady pace, it currently has over 630 subscribers with over 127,000 channel views –

Our @CanadianVoyage account on Twitter keeps climbing – today we have 1837 organic and engaged followers.  We host the #mywildCanada chat – returning to bi-weekly chats: Wednesday at 2pm and Sundays at 7pm EST.  See for more details and recaps.

We have three FB pages that we manage: our personal page has over 2000 friends.  Our Canadian Voyageurs 2015 has 552 Likes: – As we live off grid ourselves, we also have the following group with over 8300 members – Off Grid Wilderness Living:

So – will you help us on our journey?


We love Canada and we want to get out there and promote our wonderful and amazing wild spaces – we want to inspire people to LIVE LIFE – GET OUTSIDE – GO FIND ADVENTURE!

photo by @CanadianVoayge

photo by @CanadianVoayge

We’d LOVE to have you come on board!

With the help of sponsors – we will be able to create a professional documentary and make this a fantastic voyage – let’s blow it right out of the water!

Our latest addition to our off grid lifestyle - a lightweight Kevlar canoe by Swift.

Our latest addition to our off grid lifestyle – a lightweight Kevlar canoe by Swift.

We’d love to hear from you!

For more information please feel free to email: celinegerry at

Or call Celine or Gerry – the Canadian Voyageurs – 705-332-1387