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#MywildCanada twitterchat Sep 17 with Canadian Geographic Topic: Discoveries

canadian geographic logoOn this day, #mywildCanada was joined by very special guest co-host Canadian Geographic in honor of the exciting Franklin Expedition which discovered the 200 year old lost ship.  It was a great honor to be joined by Canadian Geographic and their CEO, Mr. John Geiger.

The name Canadian Geographic has been a part of Canadian life since I can remember – their world famous photographs, magazines and videos are adored by millions.

canadian geographic saving grizzlies

Recently Canadian Geographic has been in the news announcing the very exciting discovery of the Franklin Ship.  Their summer 2014 Franklin Expedition led them to the Arctic and the remains of the 200 year old sunken ship.

Imagine being able to chat directly with the people who were part of the discovery!  #mywildCanada appreciated the opportunity to learn from the experts.

cangeo mywildcanada meme

Here are some highlights of the #mywildCanada – Canadian Geographic Franklin Expedition Twitter chat.  For a full recap enter the key words #mywildCanada Sep 17 on your Twitter search bar.

franklin ship

franklin search


franklin reward





IMG_0205 2

age of exploration


native canada


Those who joined the chat had this to say:

mywildcanada trail swag

We would like to sincerely thank Canadian Geographic for their time and knowledge, but most of all for inspiring Canadians to get out there and explore #mywildCanada.  We invite Canadian Geographic to host more #mywildCanada chats – let’s talk about Canada’s wilderness!

Here is a link to their website where you can find out everything there is to know about this great discovery: The Franklin Expedition – Canadian Geographic Website

More links on the subject:

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Parks Canada – the Search for the Lost Franklin Expedition

CBC Special Report Searching for Franklin – Lost Ship Found in Arctic

Coming soon to #mywildCanada: OR – Outdoor Research !!

MywildCanada is proud to announce that Outdoor Research will be joining us for as guest hosts of many future #mywildCanada #chats! More details will follow in October when we return from our #twitter campout in Algonquin Park!!

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We will bring you even more exciting chats with new topics – all geared towards fun and enjoying the great outdoors and #mywildCanada to it’s fullest!

We are happy to be affiliated with such an outstanding company.  Outdoor Research has the same basic core beliefs that we, the founders of #mywildCanada have:

“Core Purpose

At Outdoor Research, we think that life gets better the minute we step out the door on a new adventure, no matter how big or small. We learn about ourselves, each other and the environment every time we get out. We come home a little wiser and stronger. We see the world more clearly, and that compels us to treat it better. More than anything, we’re convinced that if we inspire more people to get outside, the world will be a better place.”   From the Outdoor Research website.

sensor command deck bagOne of the greatest things we like about Outdoor Research is their commitment and dedication to bringing outdoor enthusiasts quality gear.  Outdoor Research shares their passion with us.  From their website:

“Ron Gregg built Outdoor Research on the idea that life is an adventure, and the best gear makes it more fun….

Our goal is to do all we can to expand the tribe of people who share our belief that progress is spiritual and life is unimaginable without the quest.

And we want you in it, because we’re pretty sure that the bigger our tribe gets, the better off the world will be.

Outdoor Research. Designed By Adventure.”

#mywildCanada is proud to join the tribe.  At #mywildCanada we know how to have fun in our amazing Canadian wilderness.  One of the things we talk about most in our chats is gear because having the right gear is crucial to enjoying the outdoors in comfort.  Having the right gear can turn even the rainiest cold day into an epic journey.

Visit the Outdoor Research website to find the latest in quality outdoor gear:

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Join us every Wednesday at 2 pm Eastern Time for #mywildCanada chats – Outdoor Research will be joining us often to guest host #mywildCanada – you know what that means….  #mywildCanada is about to get wilder!

#MywildCanada #Twitterchat Sep 10 2014 – Topic: BUGS

Every Wednesdays bloggers, outdoor enthusiasts, companies and organizations geared towards the outdoors get together and tweet about our experiences in #mywildCanada.  We love to share photos and stories about our adventures in this beautiful country of ours.

This week the topic was BUGS.  It was very interesting, there is so much to learn about this vast subject – we will be surely be tackling this subject again in future chats.  I hosted the chat alongside @two4adventure – we were joined by many of our regular chatters and as is usually the case, we heard from some newcomers.  As is also usually the case, we had tons of fun!

There is lots of valuable information about all kind of bugs like ticks, mosquitoes, etc, etc..  – we even talk about beneficial bugs.  The last question covers the important issue of first aid in the bush regarding insects.

Here is a recap of what everyone had to say about BUGS in #mywildCanada, in case you missed it (in case you couldn’t sneak off to the bathroom):

tick photo

chocolate covered silkworms photo

dragonfly Photo

IMG_0652 (800x600) (2) Photo @CanadianVoyage


epi penphoto

two4adventure hat