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#mywildCanada #twitterchat – Highlights from the month of August

#mywildCanada #twitterchat began in the summer of 2014 – and it’s been growing in popularity every Wednesday since.  People are getting addicted to the weekly chat.  More and more people are finding us and joining us.  Have you checked us out yet?

Here are some highlights from the month of August:

May 21, 1917 After the Storm

Tom Thomson's Last Spring

May 21, 1917 After the Storm

We woke up wet. Soaking wet. It rained all night and despite my best efforts to set up the tents so there were no leaks, the rain came in. In my other travels, I’ve been in this situation a few times. It can be miserable, but eventually the rain breaks and the sun comes out and you can dry things out. The key to getting through this type of situation is faith that the weather will eventually change, and everything that is wet and stinking will eventually dry up and smell sweet once again.

Unfortunately, the city folk don’t understand this Northern version of faith, and when things get wet, they get all panicky and irritable. That was the situation with Dr. MacCallum and Arthur today. I could see that they were trying to be as stoic as possible but they wanted to dry…

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MywildCanada photos August 27th 2014 #twitterchat – Topic: The North

Here are more awesome photos of Canada from our chat held on August 27th, 2014 and also there are a few extra’s from people throwing some in mid week – these are outstanding photos – enjoy! Everyone moved “a visit to the North” up a few notches on their bucket lists after this chat!